About Us

Who We Are
Our greatest asset is our people.

We are a team of nursing, executive healthcare, and engineering professionals. Our team is able to transform and create systems offering a simple yet sophisticated solution to our clients.

By embracing commodity-based technical products, combined with open standards software systems, we provide our clients with quality solutions that encompass 90% of any businesses technology needs.

Our mission is to … [provide creative and innovative solutions and become a cognitive resource for our clients].

What We Do
Our expertise is in our integrations, leveraging available technology and programming.

Given our experience with both legacy systems and current technology, Vali System creates innovative, original, and cost-effective solutions, tailored to the needs of the facility and the organizational goals. Vali Systems advances obsolete systems into contemporary solutions that are:

– Vendor Agnostic
– Interoperable
– Integrated
– Cost Efficient
– With No Downtime

Leadership Team (bio’s for each)



2 sentences on role at Vali

3-4 sentences on education & work history

Areas of Expertise:
– 3 bullet points

(short history of how Vali came to be)

Industries OR Applications

  • Healthcare

– Long-Term Care
– Retirement Residence
– Residential Care Facilities

  • Schools & Places of Worship
  • Custody and Detention